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How to install wordpress-English guide

How to install wordpress

In this article, we will show how to install wordpress using Netpower’s control panel.

Discover the effortless way to install WordPress with our user-friendly guide. Installing wordpress manually has always been a hassle for clients because it includes several steps and as a result, takes time and efficiency as well. By utilizing a control panel like cPanel or DirectAdmin, the process is made simple, thanks to integrated tools such as Softaculous. With just a few clicks, you’ll have WordPress up and running, allowing you to manage your website directly from the control panel. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual setup and hello to efficient website management, all at your fingertips with Netpower.

Netpower: Your Ultimate Web Hosting Solution

As a leading web hosting provider in Israel, Netpower offers a wide range of features, including easy WordPress installation. With Netpower, wordpress installation is just a matter of a few clicks. Along with wordpress installation, you will also be able to get other features such as free premium plugins and, SSL certificates and theme management, which you usually have to do separately while installing wordpress manually. Here’s a quick guide to installing WordPress with NetPower:

  1. Access your client area and navigate to services.
  2. click on your active domain and move forward.
  3. Locate WordPress management and initiate a new installation.
  4. Choose your preferred directory for installation or install directly to the domain.
  5. set the name of your site accordingly.
  6. Save your login credentials for future reference.
  7. Enjoy additional benefits like free premium plugins, easily accessible through the control panel.
  8. Customize your installation further with advanced options like database configuration.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed WordPress. Log in to your admin dashboard to start customizing your website and creating engaging content. With Netpower, managing your online presence has never been easier.

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