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DDOS protection service

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Cyber security services

At Netpower, we offer DDOS protection services. Specifically, we use the most advanced technologies to protect our customers within an infrastructure secured against DDOS attacks at all levels.

We offer a solution using all the most advanced devices in the world in the field of information security and according to the customer’s needs.

Do you have your own infrastructure and are you interested in comprehensive security and protection? From today you can receive the service directly from us whether you are stored in our infrastructure or in your own independent infrastructure.

We provide the service to small and medium businesses SMB contact us for advice and adjustment.

Our team consists of experts in various fields, including network administrators, software developers, programmers, and cybersecurity experts.

We believe that personal and professional service is the key to success. Moreover, we are always here to help our customers achieve their goals.

We will be happy to get to know you and provide you with real advice and dedicated service.

So many cyber security solutions, how do I know which one to choose?

We invite you to explore our range of cyber solutions. Subsequently, through a conversation with us, we can understand the specific needs of your business/organization and subsequently provide you with the perfect cyber solution.

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Questions and Answers

Is your site under attack?

DDoS Attack

If your website is currently experiencing a DDoS attack, it is important to act quickly to restore service and prevent further damage. At Netpower we offer a quick and professional response to such urgent cases. You can contact us at any hour, 24 hours a day, by phone at the number *9768. We respond to new customers who are in other companies and need urgent assistance under attack. Our team will accompany you step by step, providing technical assistance to restore your system or service to activity as soon as possible. We also offer immediate solutions designed to get your service back online as quickly as possible, with an emphasis on preventing future interruptions.


Cloudflare is a good solution for small and medium businesses looking for a cheap and efficient CDN solution with basic DDoS protection. Imperva is a good solution for businesses looking for a flexible and customizable CDN solution with advanced DDoS protection. Reblaze is a good solution for large and busy businesses looking for the best performance and innovation especially in the DDoS issue.

Recommendation for SMB customers

For customers, SMB Cloudplayer is a good solution. Cheap, effective and with basic protection against DDoS.

Recommendation for customers and large organizations

For customers and large organizations, Imperva or Reblaze are better solutions. They offer more flexibility, customization and innovation than Cloudflare.

Of course, choosing the right solution depends on the specific needs of the business. It is important to do thorough research and get quotes from several vendors before making a decision.
Here are some specific examples of how our service can help SMB customers:
A small business running an online store can use the service to protect its website from DDoS attacks whose purpose is to disable it and prevent customers from buying from it or a cafe that operates a collaborative WIFI service can protect its cafe from a DDos attack for example a “hacker” gets access to the WIFI and then goes to the whois ip website gets access to the IP that happens to also activate the cash register and then can disable the business for whole days without communication.

A law firm can use our service to protect its website from DDoS

Attacks that aim to steal sensitive information, such as customer details, sensitive documents, payment methods, digital wallets, bank accounts (also of customers) , access to sensitive systems, ransomware and more.. Netpower understands the cyber problems that a business can face and offers a wide range of tools to deal with businesses that are experiencing attacks right now.:
A bank can use our service to protect its website from attacks DDoS aimed at disabling its online banking services.
An e-commerce company can use our service to protect its logistics and digital conference servers from DDoS attacks aimed at disabling its ability to deliver products to customers or prevent them from ordering and accessing the site during times of large campaigns that can To count damages of millions of dollars even in a few minutes of the trading stoppage.

Service Details

The answer is absolutely yes, any customer who owns or leases pool addresses from 24/2 can connect to us regardless of which server farm they are in in the world, without the obligation to actually have a privately owned ASN.
Do I own your service details website? Is it right for me?
Anyone who owns a website can connect to us through the following companies and protect their website and also for optimal performance.


We can provide an answer in Layer2 line between farms and physically reach your server no matter where it is stored with survival of 99.999% UPTIME, and actually bring our IP addresses under our network and provide an internet line up to 40gbps.

Routing The Traffic

We offer a service through gre tunnel, routing the traffic to dedicated attack cleaning centers, where harmful data is filtered and allows the service to continue while Stopping the attack while maintaining a unique IP address protected from attacks, the process does not disrupt the functioning of online services.

DDoS Cyber Attack

A DDoS cyber attack, or Distributed Denial-of-Service, is a type of cyber attack that aims to disable an online service by flooding it in heavy network traffic. DDoS attacks can be very effective, and can disable websites, online services, applications and even entire networks.
There are many different types of DDoS attacks, but they all work on the same principle: generating a large amount of unnecessary network traffic, causing the target system to crash or fail.
Common examples of DDoS attacks include:

SYN attacks:

These attacks cause the target system to open many unnecessary connections, which can lead to system failure.

UDP attacks:

These attacks cause the target system to receive many UDP packets, which can lead to a system crash.

ICMP attacks:

These attacks cause the target system to receive many ICMP packets, which can lead to system slowdown or shutdown.

DDoS Attack

A DDoS attack works by flooding a target system with a lot of network traffic. This traffic can consist of requests, packets or other data. When the target system receives a large amount of traffic, it can hang or fail.
There are many different types of DDoS attacks, but they all work on the same principle. Here are some common examples of DDoS attacks:

SYN attack:

A SYN attack is a common type of DDoS attack. In this attack, the attacker sends SYN requests to the target system. These requests cause the target system to open many unnecessary connections. When the target system receives too many SYN requests, it can hang or fail.

UDP attack:

A UDP attack is another type of DDoS attack. In this attack, the attacker sends UDP packets to the target system. UDP packets do not require acknowledgment from the target system, so the attacker can send a very large amount of UDP packets to the target system very quickly. When the target system receives too many UDP packets, it can hang or fail.
ICMP Attack: ICMP attack is another type of DDoS attack. In this attack, the attacker sends ICMP packets to the target system. ICMP packets are typically used for network management, but can also be used for DDoS attacks. When the target system receives too many ICMP packets, it can hang or fail.

Web Application Firewall

WAF layer 7, or Web Application Firewall layer 7, is a dedicated firewall system for online applications that operates at the application level (layer 7). WAF layer 7 can help protect against a wide range of threats, including:

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks:

It block DoS attacks, such as SYN, UDP, and ICMP attacks. DoS attacks are attacks that aim to saturate the target system with unnecessary network traffic, causing it to hang or fail.

SQL Injection attacks:

Detect and block SQL Injection attacks, which can be used to steal data or corrupt data. SQL Injection attacks are attacks that exploit security holes in SQL code, which is used to transfer data between web applications and databases.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks:

Can detect and block XSS attacks, which can be used to spread malicious code. XSS attacks are attacks that exploit security holes in HTML code, which is used to display data on websites.
Phishing attacks: WAF layer 7 can identify and block phishing attacks, which are designed to steal personal information, such as passwords or credit card information.

Transformation attacks:

Block transformation attacks, which are designed to change the content of requests or responses to the application.

In addition to the advanced protection provided by WAF layer 7, it is important to combine it with quality and secure web hosting services. Reliable web hosting ensures that the website’s data and resources are kept in a secure environment, while maintaining high availability and fast response time. When WAF layer 7 is integrated into the storage infrastructure, it provides an additional layer of protection against sophisticated internet attacks, thus contributing to the reliability and security of the entire website.


Security is our top priority. We understand that data and networks are critical assets for our business and for our customers. We regularly invest in security to protect these assets from cyber attacks and from time to time we are required to check what is new in the information security market and thus implement additional services when necessary.
Our various services allow us to provide customized security for each client’s needs. We can help our customers protect sensitive data, identify and block cyber attacks, and improve the awareness of their employees in the organization to cyber security and in general .

It all depends on the need of the organization. Several products can be integrated at the same time. Technically, everything is possible.

Contact us now on *9768 or open a support ticket and a security expert will contact you by phone as soon as possible.

Security Products

All the security products that we introduced into the service were tested very carefully while checking the market and the standards of the highest that can be emphasized on them, we manage the cyber security service or product for the customer, starting with DNS management, GRE/BGP settings, network and server monitoring directly to the customer’s phone and his personal manager, settings In interfaces.


management and adjusting precise rules, VPN management, installing an antivirus in the business or on the server, and everything you can think of with us, you will have peace of mind and be able to manage your organization without “unnecessary trouble”.

We provide end equipment such as routers, firewalls, servers, switches and more.. From time to time you can rent a lot of equipment directly from us and save a lot of costs.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is flexible starting at $15 and customized in most cases to meet the needs of each business and in order to reduce costs we offer a wide range of pricing plans, from a fixed monthly payment in the case of incessant attacks to a pay-as-you-go for businesses that are frequently attacked smaller or in bandwidth attacks smaller than 1GBPS / 1MPPS.

To receive a personalized quote

please contact us or fill out a contact form on our website. We will be able to help you choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs while ensuring maximum performance and security against cyber attacks.

Artificial Intelligence

Creating new attack signatures in real time by AI is a relatively new technology that can help organizations protect themselves from cyber attacks news. This technology uses artificial intelligence models to learn and detect new attacks in real time.
This technology is still under development and is constantly being upgraded, but it promises to be a powerful tool (already these days) for protection against cyber attacks.

In the case of Netpower

we operate a dedicated team for cyber attacks, combined with this technology, Netpower can use the advanced tools to help the team identify new attacks in real time. The team can use this information to develop new defenses for the organization.

Your traffic data / existing storage data

We will use this information to customize your solution to your needs.
The less time and effort you have to invest in setting up the solution, the better.
We offer a simple and fast implementation process. After signing an agreement, we will contact you to collect the required information. After that, we will install our solution quickly and efficiently while making sure to update and explain as much as possible.


Generally, there is no need to change your ISP or change your configurations with your existing service provider. However, if you are using a small or unknown ISP, it may be necessary to change your configurations to ensure that our solution works properly, however, cloud services and cyber solutions can be rented from us at the same time and also for DRP (disaster recovery) purposes, backup solutions, rental Dedicated servers and a wide range of other services for the business.


Usually, there is no need to install hardware on your premises. However, if you require a highly customized solution, hardware may need to be installed on your premises. If this is the case, we will provide you with full training and support and in some cases we will even do 100% of the work.


Usually, the service can be started in a few hours or even less in most cases, we understand the difficulties that can be under attack. However, if it is necessary to change your configurations or install hardware in your premises, the time required for implementation may be longer.

immediate response

In most cases it is possible to provide an immediate response and then adjust the service again and again and upgrade and give the necessary and optimal response for your business, we offer a wide range of DDoS solutions to suit the needs of each client. We work with clients of all sizes, from small companies to medium and large companies.

IP Addresses

Hide the IP address of the employees: VPN hides the real IP addresses of the employees while they are connected to work over the public Internet. This makes it difficult for attackers to identify and target the attacks.

Avoiding some network-level attacks:

Some DDoS attacks target specific networks or IP address ranges. If employees are connected via VPN to another secure network, these attacks may not reach them.
Increased overall security: A VPN provides an additional layer of security by encrypting the traffic between the employee’s device and your network. This makes it difficult for attackers to intercept confidential information.

DDoS Attacks

Directly, DDoS attacks cannot steal information directly from the attacked website or application. Their main purpose is to flood the servers with fictitious requests and a tremendous load, thus bringing down the website or disrupting the organization’s network activity.
However, DDoS attacks can create an opening for information theft in other ways:


A DDoS attack can distract the security team, making it easier for hackers to carry out other attacks aimed at stealing information, such as database breaches or malware installations.

Overload Exploitation:

During a DDoS attack, systems may become so overloaded that they crash or operate abnormally. This can open security gaps that can be exploited to steal information.

Scams and threats:

Hackers may use a DDoS attack as an intimidation and threat tactic, demanding payment of a ransom to stop the attack. In such cases, the threat of information theft may be part of the pressure strategy on the victim.
It’s important to remember, even if DDoS may not steal data directly, it can create opportunities for theft in these ways. Therefore, DDoS protection is still critical to protecting the security of your WordPress website and information.


Downing websites or services: A DDoS attack can bring down a website or online service by overloading its servers. This can disrupt the service to customers or users, or even cause businesses to lose money (huge sums of millions of shekels sometimes in a few hours).

Influence public opinion:

Hackers may use DDoS to influence public opinion by taking down websites or services of organizations or businesses they oppose, sometimes for political reasons.


Hackers may use DDoS to extort money or services from people or organizations. They may threaten to continue the attack if the victim does not comply with their demands.


Hackers may use DDoS to harass individuals or organizations. They may bring down the victim’s websites or services, or spread false or insulting information about them while bringing down the services and denying complete service to that business, which can lead to damage to the good name of the business owner.

Efficient Solution

The speed of response: in a world where every minute of a malfunction can significantly affect your activity, we at our company commit to a quick and efficient solution. While in other companies the process may take a long time, we provide reconnection of companies and businesses to their routine quickly and efficiently.

Proven experience:

with years of experience in the field, our team is skilled in providing a variety of solutions at the same time and restoring the service to activity in the shortest possible time. Our experience allows us to manage complex processes efficiently, without compromising on the quality of service.

Competitive prices:

we understand the importance of offering added value to our customers, so we offer attractive prices designed to offer the highest quality service at the lowest price. This allows you to save costs while maintaining a high level of service and speed of response.

Choosing our services guarantees you an efficient, fast, and economical solution for any technological need. We are here to give you the peace of mind you need, so you can focus on what really matters – the success of your business.