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Server hosting in Israel CO-LOCATION

Our server hosting meets all your business needs in one place. Specifically, we offer hosting in a high-quality server farm. Additionally, you can benefit from survivability, protections, the possibility to order equipment, hardware installation, and proactive service. As a result, your business enjoys comprehensive support and reliability.

1U server hosting / monthly

2U server hosting
/ monthly

3U server hosting
/ monthly

Hosting Package
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Fully managed server hosting

Good prices, excellent support and peace of mind. Full management for hardware, virtualization, operating system and control panels.

All the advantages in one solution:

We provide equipment for servers in Netpower

Order hardware and equipment for your servers already with us.
For instance, we offer network equipment, power supplies, hard disks, RAM memories, switches, routers, and firewalls. Additionally, we provide new dedicated servers, second-hand items under warranty, and more. Thus, you can find everything you need in one convenient place and more.

our service


datacenter facility

Server and system hosting solutions
Computing with strict standards.
The server farm at Bezeq International,
Shaham Petah Tikva


DDOS attacks protection

protection against DDOS attacks up to 1.7TB. The traffic in our network goes through the protections of Serveruis, the best company in the world in the field


security firewall

2 firewalls located one in Europe in the server farm of Serveruis and one in the server farm in Bezeq International, together allow us full control and protection


Private IP

User can refer to us or rent ranges of ip's from us And you can also order ip's.


backup service

Full backup for servers and virtualizations, full Snapshot using reliable and secure dedicated software VEEM


power backup

Connection to two separate and completely independent power supplies backed up by UPS and generators


Supply of hardware equipment and servers

At Netpower Power Ltd. you can grow easily and under favorable conditions, purchase and installation of equipment and servers from day to day


Private bandwidths

Private bandwidths up to 40GBPS at excellent prices For streaming, telephone, video transmission or any other field


Server monitoring system

Your servers are monitored automatically also you can add specific websites or services for monitoring

Co-Location Server Hosting

We offer a co-location service in several data centers across Israel. This means that individual servers/cabinets and related equipment can be easily hosted from one day to the next.

Contact a representative for adjustment The service and appropriate package.

Sending the equipment to the server farms

Send or arrive at the farm
The servers for delivering the hardware.
Our team performs installation
In the server cabinet and network connection.
After appropriate tests
The details will be sent to the customer.

Questions and Answers

For any other question or additional information, please contact support.

What are the necessary details to send equipment or servers to the server farm?

First, the sending of servers and/or equipment must be coordinated with Japan.

Usually the equipment will be installed the same day it arrives at the server farm.

You can go on a tour of the server farm by prior arrangement.

Details of the server farm: Bezeq International, 40 Shaham, Petah Tikva. For the arrival route click

The network is based on the submarine cable infrastructure owned by Bezeq International and the unit based on three separate lines abroad

This gives customers maximum survival and a fast connection to the global Internet avenue.

The facilities are defined as strategic facilities for the State of Israel, and they meet the strict TIER3+ standard

and the requirements of the Israeli government to accommodate strategic clients with sensitivity at the national level.

Only data center with two separate signs of the electric company, for different hate stations.

Facility hosts strategic clients and is prioritized at a national level.

Submarine cable lands in the facility and creates a ring network for the global Internet avenue.

The facility was built 5 meters below ground level and is protected against earthquakes and floods.

Backup and duplicate systems that provide redundancy (N+1 / N+N).

Sophisticated and state-of-the-art control systems and immediate warning against failures.

Compliance with the most stringent standards including ISO 9001, PCI DSS, TIER3+, ISO, 27001 and more

For each server you get 5TB per month, you can upgrade at any time.

You are automatically connected to a shared 1GBPS connection that is assigned to each.

In cases of regular use of all bandwidth, you can consult a representative and adjust a package.

You can order private bandwidths 1GBPS-10GBPS and more if necessary and at good prices.