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Terms of use, privacy policy, confidentiality agreement and information processing

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Welcome to "Netpower"

This Service Agreement
Between: Netpower
(hereinafter: "the Company") on one side

And: the Service Renter
(hereinafter: "the Customer") on the other side

As long as the customer receives service from the company and placed an order through our site, the service is subject to the rules explained below:

By joining the company’s customers and receiving its services, all customers agree to the terms of use of Netpower.The terms of use are intended to ensure proper use of the services allocated by the company to its customers, and to ensure proper use of the Internet towards the company’s customers and in general, while paying attention to the requirements of the company’s systems environment.

Abuse offers website hosting services, resellers, virtual servers, dedicated servers, domain names, and any service presented on our site.

The company’s servers will be used only for legal purposes.Any attempt to misuse the company’s services is strictly prohibited.Any attempt or actual misuse of the rights granted to the customer when operating his account in the company will be considered severely by the company and may result in the suspension of the account in whole or in part, or its permanent closure without prior notice and at the sole discretion of the company and its employees. 

Adults Only Content (with company approval only)

According to special system requirements regarding websites related to the sex and pornography industry, operating sex-related websites is strictly prohibited under accounts on shared servers, and a suitable package must be purchased.This also applies to websites that link to other sites containing pornographic material elsewhere.The above also applies to any illegal activity related to pornography, whether directly or indirectly. In such a case, Netpower is entitled to immediately suspend the website’s operation.


Violation of the security systems existing in the server farms, the servers themselves, the company’s computers, or the company’s customers’ computers, is strictly prohibited and may constitute a civil or criminal offense accordingly.Examples include, but are not limited to:Uploading PHPMYADMIN or similar software – use the access provided by the company.Server resilience tests or server connection tests.Accessing restricted areas on the server, prying, using, or scanning systems and data is strictly prohibited.Any attempt at internet fraud of any kind, including password recovery, SNIFFING, HACKING, CRACKING, or any other mentioned or unmentioned method is prohibited and constitutes a criminal offense.Any attempt to perform any of the above actions by a company customer to other company customers or other internet users who are not company customers using the means provided by the company will serve as grounds for immediate account closure without any prior notice.

CGI / PHP / MySql Programs

The use of cgi, MySql, php programs is permitted, according to the type of service provided to the customer and the server on which the program will be installed.However, using system resources to an extent that affects the servers’ performance or the operation of other websites on the server or causes any problem in the server farm will result in the closure of the use of the different scripts in the customer’s allocated partition and may even result in immediate account closure without prior notice.In the event of a direct attack on a specific website that causes denial of server service or other websites on the server or network damage, Netpower will suspend the account and do everything possible to stop the attack.The customer will be notified of the attack and must cooperate until the attack is handled and blocked.In the event of attacks that cannot be stopped, a suitable solution will be offered to the customer.


The company does not allow running IRC, XDCC, proxy, BNC, eggdrop on its servers in any way without explicit approval.

Data Traffic

Netpower allows its customers data traffic according to the details listed in the different packages on the company’s site.In any case, a customer whose account will result in blatant system resource usage will be given the option to pay additional fees for the system resources they consume or will have to reduce the system resource consumption.Under a shared server, no more than 10% of the server’s resources will be allocated to the customer.

Commercial Email Advertisements – SPAM

Sending promotional or commercial bulk email messages via or through Netpower’s servers to Netpower’s customers, or using email addresses hosted under Netpower’s servers, is strictly prohibited.Using any ISP server to send the mail does not absolve the customer of responsibility concerning the use of email addresses existing under the server.Using an email address for non-pure purposes that may constitute a nuisance to a third party will be a gross violation of these terms of use and may result in the account’s permanent and immediate closure.Sending large mailing lists through scripts via the server is strictly prohibited!

Shared Hosting – Linux / Windows

Meaning: No traffic limits! No disk space limits! What’s the idea? Is it logical? How is it done?The idea is this – in our basic package you can host your site and everything it needs, of course, do not treat a shared account as a private backup account or a file storage account. So what are the rules? Where’s the limitation?The database is limited to 100MB. Those with a database larger than 100MB should consult with a customer representative to check if the service suits them and/or to adjust a suitable package. If there is a database overflow, we will contact the customer and consult together regarding a suitable package for his site. Blatant and continuous resource usage such as memory, CPU, and connection. (Simply put, large sites requiring a server of their own around 10,000 unique daily entries) In our business package, the conditions are almost identical except that here you can host all the sites you own (subject to domain name identification details, must be in the customer’s name) and their needs. New! – Our system includes daily backups on a separate server, RAID redundancy, and a special system that guarantees your backup on two separate servers in two different countries, with a commitment (exclusive) to your backup (for an additional fee).


The company will not allow the use of its servers for the exploitation of copyrights.Any copyrighted work, audio clips, videos, music, or any other material carrying copyrights that will be operated on the company’s servers or will have any internet links to it.Hacking programs, illegal software, or any other material associated with Satanism, idols, pirate software, programs to neutralize software protections and passwords, and any material defined as prohibited content by the authorities, are strictly prohibited.Also, any link to sites containing such material, or explaining how to access such material, is strictly prohibited, and operating them on the server will constitute a gross violation of this agreement.

DDOS Attacks and Any Other Attacks

If your site is attacked, we are authorized to initially suspend the account immediately, then we will contact the customer and offer him a package protected against attacks. We can protect against any type and size of attack (with the appropriate package), our representatives will be happy to tailor a package for the customer in such a case. A customer who is aware that their sites are being attacked is obligated to notify before purchasing the package, otherwise, they risk canceling the agreement between us without a refund.

System Resource Abuse

Any attempt to misuse or harm any of the company’s systems or the company’s customers’ accounts is strictly prohibited.All customer accounts as well as reseller accounts responsible for their customer accounts, are obligated to comply with these terms of use.Any failure to fully comply with all sections of this agreement will clearly lead to the closure of the customer’s account and all associated accounts.The company reserves the right to remove customer accounts from its systems without prior notice if the company has reason to believe that sections of this agreement have not been fully complied with.Any company customer using the company’s servers for the development or experimental operation of web applications,running an application which he is aware can harm or disable the server systems or the servers,misuses the sections of this agreement and risks the unilateral closure of his account.We will not allow in any way services or features that may potentially affect the security, speed, and/or stability of the servers.This section also applies to third-party activities that may occur with the operation of DLLs on the server, use of anonymous FTP protocol, use of UPLOAD of any kind, or form submissions.Any site using high system resources, which are unreasonable, according to the company’s sole discretion, such as, but not limited to: CPU time, memory usage, network resources, will be immediately suspended due to causing damage to the server and interfering with the proper operation of other customers on the server, without any prior notice. After the restriction, Netpower will contact the customer to find a suitable solution.

GDPR Privacy Regulations

We fully support the principles of the privacy regulations, we do not transfer any information to any entity that is not Netpower.We allow the customer to request complete removal from the customer database, as well as the deletion of information from our servers (websites, storage files, etc.) Upon the customer’s departure, the information on the servers is automatically deleted after about five days. We have a secure customer management system, under full encryption and physical firewalls that prevent access to the outside world except Netpower. Backup is done identically on an isolated, secure, and encrypted backup server.

Payment Policy

A customer account will be opened according to a prepayment in any of the payment channels defined by the company.Although the company has the right to change prices for all company services at any time, the prices are guaranteed for the prepaid period.Payment will be renewed independently by the customer 10 days before the end of the paid service unless the customer requests to close the account as described in this agreement.If the credit card number or its expiration date causes a delay in the transaction process by the credit card companies, the company may immediately suspend the services it provides to the customer until the payment issue is fully clarified and actually charged.
The customer is obligated to make regular and full payment.
Any change in credit card details must be immediately reported to the company to continue receiving services seamlessly and without service interruptions automatically by the system.


Receipts will be sent to customers manually according to the charges made.Payment via Bank Deposit/Transfer or Bank ChecksPayments made via bank deposit/transfer or bank checks will be considered as actual payment only after their full clearance and bank approval.

Payment Options

The payment options are: monthly payment via credit card, PAYPAL, PAYME, and bank deposit/transfer.We accept all types of credit cards.

Cancellation and Refunds

The company reserves the right to cancel its services to the customer at any time.The proportional part of all pre-paid payments will be refunded to the customer if the company exercises its cancellation right.If the account closure is due to non-compliance with any clause of this agreement, no full or partial refund will be made to the customer, and the customer will bear any special expenses incurred by the company as a result of violating the company’s policy.A customer can cancel their account at any time.The commitment is according to the payment period.No proportional refund will be given if the customer decides to cancel their package before the period for which they paid has ended.A request to cancel the company requires submission via email or in writing, including the following details in full: website address, username, password, last four digits of the credit card number, and the applicant’s full name and surname.In the case of a limited company, the document must be transferred on company letterhead with the company stamp and the authorized signatory’s approval.No refund will be given after receiving the service for services paid in advance for a long term, such as, but not limited to, SSL space, storage space, domain names (domains).Cancellation of a transaction according to the law with cancellation fees of 5% of the transaction amount or 100 shekels, whichever is lower.For payments made through an external company such as PAYPAL and bank transfer, the cancellation fee will be 10% or 100 shekels, whichever is lower.When canceling a package that requires manual installation work such as virtual servers or dedicated servers, the cancellation fee will be a one-time technician fee of 100 shekels.No refunds will be given for payments made via bank transfer, only for payments made via credit card/PAYPAL.

Package Cancellation

Cancellation of a package is not done without questions, and you will be asked to provide a reason for the cancellation request only after giving the opportunity to resolve the issues from our side!A full refund up to five days (we provide a service and do not sell physical products, and therefore not always 14 days according to the law are applicable, please pay attention to the details).In shared hosting accounts, reseller accounts with monthly or annual payment can be canceled up to five days during which you are required to submit a cancellation request through our system only! (Members Area/My Services/View Details of the Desired Package/Cancel Account).

Cancellation and Refunds for Third-Party Services

Virtual servers in Europe, dedicated servers in Europe, SSL, domain names, licenses, and any third-party service cannot be canceled, and no refund is available for it from the moment of payment!Also, deposits (account credit) are non-refundable (as stated on the site when “adding money to the account”).

Technical Support

Will be provided only through support tickets.Support tickets will be answered according to the urgency and the company’s capabilities, no later than between one minute and twenty-four hours.You can contact sales/financial matters through the company’s phone numbers, live chat on the website, email, and sales tickets.A response will be given between one minute and twenty-four hours at most.DisclaimerThe company has no liability of any kind for providing the internet services it supplies, although it will do everything in its power to provide the best possible services.The company will not be liable for any damage caused to the service recipient for any reason.Similarly, the company will not be liable for any damages incurred by the customer due to delays in sending information, non-receipt of information, information arriving at the wrong destination, internal failure, or customer errors.The company does not commit in any way to the continuity of the service it provides to its customers or the integrity of the data stored on the company’s servers or data centers or any of the company’s computers involved in its activities.The customer is responsible for the constant backup of files under their account.The company is not responsible in any way for the deletion of customer files for any reason.The company is not responsible for the disclosure of any confidential material or for hacking into customer accounts located on the company’s servers or systems, nor for the backup servers if activated.The company is not responsible for its customers or third parties due to any reason that could harm the customer or their customers in any way.In any case, the company’s liability limit will be limited to the monthly cost of the service provided only.The company is not responsible for the material existing on its servers and will not perform backups accordingly.Any arbitration between the company and the customer will be conducted in the courts according to the location of the company’s offices on the day the order is placed, where the agreement is signed.Non-compliance with any clause of this document will be considered grounds for the immediate and permanent suspension of the customer’s account without prior notice.Signed (Service Provider): Netpower
Signed (Service Renter): According to the details you provided during service purchase and marking agreement and understanding of the contract agreement.