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How to add email forwarders

How to add email forwarders

This article is the guide for NetPower’s control panel on how to add email forwarders

The guide

In this video, we will show the complete process of how to add email forwarders. The setup process for email forwarding is straightforward but varies slightly depending on your email service provider or client. Here is the step-by-step guide of how to add Email forwarders:

  •  Access your client area.
  • Click on services and navigate to Email forwarders.
  • Forwarder indicates the account the emails will be forwarded from.
  • destination email indicates the account the emails will be sent to.
  • Input the relevant details, such as the source and destination email addresses.

Once configured, email forwarders operate seamlessly in the background, ensuring that messages reach their intended recipients without manual intervention. They serve as a reliable mechanism for staying organized and responsive.

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